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Clinical Trails

Clinical Trails leverages our unique partnering philosophy and team structure to deliver effective, end-to-end collaboration, training, and resource planning around the globe. We work closely along with industry experts, proficient team members to engage quickly and provide strategic thinking .We ensure quicker start-up times, superior quality, and the most efficient delivery at every phase of trial.

Stage 1: clinical Program Design

With preliminary data available and strategic review of product profile, medical and scientific regulatory material we address the gaps and steer study strategy modeling and simulated time, cost, complexity and risk for multiple study designs using Vigilara design creation of clinical development plan supported by objective ,quantitatively.

Stage 2: Study Optimization

Study-level feasibility assessment using a patricular analysis of which includes key aspects to guide and plan strategic recommendation Vigilare operations review is performed that should be addressed in the study design from the start Optimization of schedule of assessments by firmly aligning design and evaluating relative efficiency
Stage 3: Finalization

  • Planning time, cost, risk of multiple study design concepts to help ensure the optimal final protocol to achieve your strategy
  • By Providing line of sight connectivity between study objectives, end points, and procedures
  • Improving understanding of study feasibility
  • Improving predictability of enrollment and trial timelines
  • Identifying target countries to optimize recruitment and study costs
  • mainlining benchmarks to evaluate design efficiency and control study budgets

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