product complanits

Product Complaints

Handling and Maintaining a full fledged complaint system is more than just a requirement,it is a decent quality practice that can guarantee your product/service to meet quality traits after it leaves your control, Key parts of a complaint handling include:.

  • Identification of technical (quality) issues
  • Detailed SOPs for handling product complaints
  • Staff trained to identify customer concerns
  • Intake of information to initiate product complaint investigation
  • Arrange for return of suspect ‘defective’ product
  • Coordinate product replacement, credit or refund
  • Direct/ongoing interactions with Quality Assurance Department/designees

For Each Confirmed Complaint an Appropriate preventive & CORRECTIVE actions should be documented

There is always a need for categorization of Complaints so they may be tracked and further Categorized depending on defect type, dose, system(s)impacted, product, equipment, etc.To assure management is aware of issues that potentially impact product quality. Trend reports should be prepared for management review on a regular basis to
identify trends and The analysis should include a statistical evaluation, identification of outliers, and identify trends that indicate a need for process change or improvement.
When developing or assessing your product complaint system, consider the points above and assure your program does not end up as a statistic

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